Thursday, 9 June 2016

Stolen sewing moments

It's been months, okay years, since there was a proper sewing or crafting post on here. This has been due to a total regime change in the Homespun household - yep, a child. One of these days now I'm going to get my act together and be able to balance parenting and sewing and working and wearing two shoes that actually match. I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for that post though.

It's an infuriating dichotomy that when there is a new child in your life, you simultaneously have a billion things you want to make them, and absolutely no time to do it. So, the making opportunities have been few and far between since the last post on here, but I am going to try and creep a few back. In the meantime, when I was able to get some snatched moments with Marvin the Machine, here's what I've made while I've been away:

1. Christmas decorations

We had a small workshop/sewing bee afternoon to make decorations ready for Christmas, and raise some money for the hospital. A bit of backstitch and some french knots later, and a lot of cake crumbs, and we had some lovely linen and redwork tree decorations.

 2. Everyone needs a reindeer

Rudy arrived - the only thing I managed to make in advance of the child's arrival, and he has since been so loved he's needed a series of running repairs. He still looks pretty happy about life though!

 3. Weddings and dresses

I was honoured to be asked to be a "best woman" last summer, and opted to make dresses for myself and the child. Mine was a McCalls pattern, adapted slightly to give a deeper square neck that fitted me better. It fits to knee-length, hangs beautifully and has plenty of room in it to sprint after escaping small people.

 So then there was only the matter of the child's dress. I used the Oliver + S fairytale dress pattern. The photo below is before the armholes have been bound, but I think I took it in weary triumph after quite a battle with my first ever collar. It has a detachable net underskirt, which needed to be detachable as it would be too scratchy for little legs during a car journey.


4. Colin the Snail

I made this last week from the lovely Tilda designs. I had previously made the cats from the same book, but for some reason the tight curves of the snail shell put me off trying it earlier. I should have ignored my misgivings; it was nice and simple, and came together smoothly, with the possible exception of stuffing the antennae/eyes. I really should give him away, but I like him, so he's having a little holiday here first.

Although time has been tight, the making has been all the more precious. The current project is wedding-related again, entrusted with making some of the accessories for my sister's upcoming celebration. I am going to be pleased if the delicate natural linen manages to remain clear of playdough...

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